An old mum silver as the moon,
took her nap at noon,
loved the month of June
dew on the bloom.

As nature gently called her,
on mornings brisk and clear,
this old mum rode her tricycle
under floppy hat and cheer.

One day an old man driver,
very drunk as he could be,
hit this sweet handicapped mum,
then sped away fast to flee.

But let me quickly mention,
her kids’ faces turning pale,
because this old man driver
lacked conscience, courage and avoided jail.

So this quiet town went heavy
with such bad and tragic news;
even prompting a local author to shout,
“I’ll write a fairy tale as muse!

“Yes, I’ll script a mighty tale today
about a dragon’s powerful touch,
and with it a memorable message,

showing principle, justice, valor and such!”

So to the page went the story
to support sweet handicapped mum,
and tap tap did she - single key after key - because author got it
driver shouldn’t walk free.

“Once upon a sage dragon time,
the words poured forth as plea,
‘please, please sage dragon come to answer
a daughter worried on bended knee.’

“It took that night a beseeching
for prayerful words to reach sage dragon’s ear,
heavenly magic grabbed all’s attention,
replacing the space of anxiety and fear.

“Quietly, from ancient stars ago,
dragon’s head popped up that night;
knowing that to set mum free
would be a mighty sage dragon’s delight.

“So to the sky sage dragon leapt
to search and find dear mum;
a flapping electric moment it was
a thrilling, chilling, stunning sight.

“In the big sky dragon’s eye looked down

to see sweet injured mum,
so swoop down quickly dragon did
to bring mum back to her safe cozy bed.

“Once safely home sage dragon wants
to warm mum’s chilly toes
so open its mouth most carefully
sage dragon does to defrost this rose.

“When satisfied, sage dragon leaps
back into a chalky gray sky,
every pious vision carried
to the court’s fair trial now to fly.

“Sage dragon spots the courthouse below,
from the night flight above so clear
and from the ground his approach was heard
flapping wildly, powerfully every nerve to disturb.’

“Cobalt wings fifty feet wide, ’twas said,
smashed through closed windows of 100% lead;
crypts flying open by the hundreds
to disturb the once dead.

“But dragon’s fire burned just a warning that night
to stop being unfair or by that devil  beware
I’ll be back tomorrow to get you
I swear.’ “