Review by James Hollis, PhD of When Every Day Matters in The Jung Page

In her moving book on what matters most in life, When Every Day Matters, MJ Hurley Brant confronts the unthinkable with courage, compassion and candor. This book is an exquisite evocation of life after loss.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy and Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self and Publisher of Simple Abundance Press.

“This is a book that will break your heart and put it back together again. This is the story of a daughter who wouldn’t give up and a mother who never lost faith. The reader can’t help but be inspired by the indomitable human spirit that resides within Mary Jane Hurley Brant.”

Larry Kirshbaum – Former Chairman/CEO Time-Warner Book Group

Publishers Weekly Person of the Year, Founder of LJK Literary Management

Publisher – Amazon General-Interest Imprint

“A stunningly moving tribute to the love shared by an exceptional mother and daughter.”

Caryn Karmatz Rudy, Former Executive Editor,

Grand Central Publishing, DeFiore and Company Author Services LLC

“For a first-person description of the soul’s daily struggle to find its course, this is a book to read. This work arises from a woman whose Jungian perspective brings a depth of insight and working knowledge…. Spoken with eloquence and candor; offering hope without minimizing trauma and lasting pain.”

James Hollis, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Jung Society, Washington, DC, Analyst and Author of
The Middle Passage and What Matters Most

When Every Day Matters is an Intimate heartfelt and spiritual Journey into the life of a mother whose daughter has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  This moving story teaches us how to live in the present moment during a very painful time and amazingly find love and appreciation in the situation.  We learn how after suffering grave losses, we can successfully rebound and find new meaning in Life.  I found the book to be very inspiring and full of spiritual reflections and messages.  I highly recommend it.”

MarySue Lucci – President/COO at Toon Ups Snippets, Inc.

“Success in our life is personally defined by each of us. None of us has complete control over all the challenges our individual journey will present. But, we do have control over what we do with the life we have. This powerful book When Every Day Matters: A Mother's Memoir on Love, Loss and Life by Mary Jane Hurley Brant brings our attention to the heroine’s journey in dramatic fashion....”

Richard E. Caruso, Ph.D. – Founder and Director of The Uncommon Individual Foundation,

Founder/Chairman Integra Life Sciences

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year US

“I read When Every Day Matters in one night.  It was riveting, anguishing, infuriating, and stunning.  Mary Jane Hurley Brant has helped people to feel - through their  - the profound psychic consequences and the honest difficulties that we all have with others when we are torn apart by suffering.  This book is gut built, iron work of the soul.  It is magnificent.”

Virginia Paske, New Jersey

“When words often fail and the pain finds no relief, this book is the answer. This is one of those rare books that can take on such pain and find meaning and inspiration. It takes an extraordinary person and psychotherapist to accomplish what Mary Jane Hurley Brant did and with such grace! Well done!”

Robert Gordon, Ph.D. – Author of I love You Madly and Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM)

“I was so pleased to come across this beautiful book. Mary Jane Hurley Brant offers us an intimate portrayal of the relationship between herself and her remarkable daughter, Katie.  She writes of the long journey they shared during the sickness and eventual death of Katie from pediatric brain cancer. This book is a triumph in its contribution to anyone dealing with a serious loss. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have had many opportunities to recommend this book to my clients. It serves as a useful and poignant handbook to help us navigate the lonely, and often, scary territory of personal loss. Thank you, Mary Jane, for opening your soul in the service of others.”

Patricia Williamson, Marriage and Family Therapist

“There is a book I worked on recently written by MJ Hurley Brant, When Every Day Matters, that is such a beautiful book it brought tears to my eyes….There are many passages and writings that I think any parent or loved one will not only relate to, but be so very moved by Mary Jane’s heart-pouring account of her daughter’s illness.”

Book Designer, Sue –

When Every Day Matters is a self-help novel for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one.  This book has an atmosphere of peace and faith. This book will help you to have hope again. I highly recommend reading it and, particularly, when you are grieving.  It will help you survive.”

Terry Lee Kaly, CEO – Big Brothers/Big Sisters West Palm Beach, Florida

“This beautiful memoir by Mary Jane Hurley Brant offers powerful psychological insight into life’s most difficult issues. When Every Day Matters - which reads like a novel - is a compelling and important story about Mary Jane's dynamic and heroic daughter, Katie Brant, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 18.  When Every Day Matters addresses complex family dynamics that occur within families going through trauma and loss.  Few writers take on this difficult topic of in-laws, marriage, siblings because their fears hold them back but this memoir addresses them. The wisdom, intimacy, friendship and reflections this insightful book offers will help readers survive their own sorrows and personal losses, whatever their loss, but especially the agonizing loss of a child.  This book offers new-found strength to discover our lives once again.”

Lennie Perrott, M. S., Licensed Psychologist

“An Intimate Journey where Mary Jane Hurley Brant invites us to share an intimate and courageous journey into the heart of a mother’s love for her child.  What do we do when the unthinkable happens?  How do we cope?  Where do we find the strength to make every day matter?  The reader, like Mary Jane, will discover their understanding of life and love is forever changed and deepened.”

Robert F. Carr, M.D.

“Katie Brant’s life was like a comet that briefly but brilliantly illuminated the lives of all who were touched by her light. In the wake of this light, Katie left a legacy of love – a love of family, friends and life. In the end, what remains is the memory of an enduring love, a great light and a magnificent life. When Every Day Matters is memorably written and captures Katie Brant's spirit in a powerful and beautiful way.”

Ray Hansell, President
Montangelica Fund

“As the mother of three children, I approached this book with fear but with the trust that the author, a renowned psychotherapist, would treat the reader with care, respect and an authentic experience in relaying the deeply painful story of the loss of her daughter. I did not believe I could bear to share the pain of a mother’s worst nightmare. Instead, I learned about the life of an extraordinary young woman - Katie Brant - for whom five brain surgeries and her encroaching mortality were not enough to dissuade her joyful and contagious pursuit of her life purpose – to help children diagnosed with brain tumors. For her mother, Mary Jane Hurley Brant, the choice to put aside her own terror, to embrace her daughter’s indomitable spirit and to make a way for her daughter’s compelling life vision constituted amazing selflessness and unconditional love.... This book is exceptional."

Michele Maddox, Tennessee Supreme Ct. Mediator

  “A touching, wonderful, must read.  From the minute you start reading this incredible memoir, you will not want to put it down.  Mary Jane Hurley Brant shares both incredulous details of her daughter’s battle with brain cancer, and also inspiring stories about how to cope with loss.  I was so moved at many points throughout the book, and found the “reflections” powerfully useful.  If you seek to make your life more meaningful, you will appreciate every page of this wonderful book.”

Caroline Toedtman Brant, Skippack, PA

“I was compelled – could not stop reading When Every Day Matters. I think that psychotherapist and mother - Mary Jane Hurley Brant - and her powerful memoir will help many people in similar circumstances to feel held, understood, encouraged, validated and not so terribly alone...."

Linda Carter, R.N., M.S.W., Jungian Analyst, RI

“I could not put this book down! Reading about this young woman, Katie Brant, her life as well as her bravery and moxie while dealing with terminal illness is very heartwarming. I found the author’s addition of inspirational quotes and looking back reflections to be extremely comforting.

I have personally suffered multiple family losses over a very short period of time. We can only bury our sorrow and grief for so long.  When Every Day Matters will bring comfort and hope to anyone who has suffered from loss. Highly recommend.”

Margaret M. Rose, R.N. President, Clinical Alternative Specialists

When Every Day Matters by Mary Jane Hurley Brant is an absolutely beautiful book. It will be a source of great strength for so many people. It is a great source of strength for me.”

Jonathan Finlay, M.D., Dir. Neural Tumors Program Children’s Hospital L.A.  Recipient of  “Medical Visionary Award” at the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF)

“In When Every Day Matters Mary Jane Hurley Brant guides the reader down her painful path of love and grief over the death of her 28 year old daughter, Katie.  After the diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor, the author uncovers her deepest fears about Katie, herself and other family members.  Weaving the story of Katie’s life with that of her own, brings an authentic dimension to this sensitive and beautifully written work.  Anyone would feel privileged to read about this mother’s sacred space, but for those parents who have lost a child, it is essential reading.”

Mary Rose Nuse, Hospice Worker, author of Chapters: One American Woman’s Story

When Every Day Matters about her daughter Katie’s life is a sacred journey that will touch the heart of all but especially mothers.  The love of this family in crisis is matched only by the wisdom and strength of their beloved child Katie.”

Rose O’Rourke, R.N., MSN

“Inspiring narrative for anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Mary Jane Hurley Brant reveals intimate details concerning the loss of her daughter, Katie, to brain cancer.  Mary Jane shares both joy and sorrow in this beautiful book, letting readers know that they are not alone, that she understands.

Mary Jane Hurley Brant’s professional viewpoints and personal wisdom are invaluable.  When Every Day Matters is a must read!”

E. Weidner, Artist, Phila., PA

“This is an amazing and inspirational book which will help any reader gain a new perspective on life’s hardships as provided by the powerful example of the life of Katie Brant and her mother, Mary Jane Hurley Brant. There is something in this book for everyone: mothers, daughters, fathers, those who are grieving, therapists and friends. You will smile and cry, then close the book wishing it could continue.  In the end the reader will feel a profound sense of hope about life.”

Mother/Psychoherapist, Madeline Paskie Baulig Wayne, NJ

“Fourteen years after my father’s passing, with this book, I have finally found a way to understand my own complex feelings of grief as well as those of my mother. MJ’s heartfelt, raw and touching story of her beautiful daughter’s sojourn provides a gateway to understanding the unconditional love, loss and the inevitable journey back to life and joy. This book will help you understand some of your own feelings, thoughts and actions as well as those of others during unfamiliar and unconscionable circumstances. MJ’s style is conversational, heartfelt and awash with honesty and pure love. This book is sure to change the world…I know it has already changed mine.”

Sue Urda, Co-Founder and CEO , “Powerful You! Women’s Network”

“There is pain and suffering between these pages yet spirit and inspiration as well. Mary Jane Hurley Brant is an amazing writer, her candor and perception is astonishing.  I loved this book and learned much about grief and psychology, too.  Katie and Mary Jane are courageous and invincible. This book will bring comfort and support to those who are coping with the loss of a child.”

Maryrose Nelson, Hospice Volunteer, Wayne, NJ

“I could not put this book down once I started to read it. I purchased it with a friend in mind to give it to who lost her daughter four years ago and is having a hard time dealing with it. I wanted to read the book first to make sure that it would be appropriate for the situation. What I found was this book helped me to deal with some of the losses I have suffered in my own life.  It took me outside of myself and helped me to feel empathy better for others who suffer from grief and loss.

It is hard to know what to say to someone who has dealt with the loss of a child or other loved one. I think that the author, Mary Jane Hurley Brant, was very helpful with her own insights to teach me how to be more supportive to others when I am called on to be of help to them."

 Julianne G. Baumann, Seattle, WA

“For those who’ve suffered loss of any kind and need help in finding the meaning in it and the inspiration to get through it, this is the book to read. Kudos to Mary Jane Hurley Brant for sharing her story with all its pain, humor and beauty and for shining brilliant light into the darkness of great tragedy, helping us all to see more clearly.”

J. Linn, NJ

I lost my 35 year old daughter almost 2 years ago after a long fight with Leukemia as a child, periods of normalcy, and then another long fight with the side effects of the chemo and radiation that saved her for so long. I never expected to lose this last battle, but I did. In shock, I began reading books upon books until I realized none of them helped, comforted, or even related to what I was feeling at the time. I wrote a review of one of the books I bought through Amazon, and amazingly was contacted by Mary Jane Brant. Our daughters had passed around the same time. Ms. Brant reached out to me with comfort and compassion. Yet I knew she was experiencing the same agony that I was. Her book tells it like it is. Only a mother who has been there would know of these feelings.

I have never read a book written with such emotion and truthfulness as this one. I Had read a vast number of books that told of the feelings experienced when you lose a loved one, but in pretty much generic terms. Mary Jane Brant actually let you into her life and her thoughts. I had read so many times about the word HOPE, but then I had no idea what hope meant.  Hope for what? Hope for whom?   Ms. Brant finally showed me the meaning of hope and how she personally experienced it. Her courage alone was exceptional in putting to paper all her feelings..."


C. M. Graniero, Tampa, Florida

“Mary Jane Hurley Brant’s grace and optimism have given me the courage to continue on my journey as a bereaved mother.  Since my little son’s passing many years ago, I have had to cope with additional losses.

When Every Day Matters is so very uplifting.  Mary Jane has a unique ability to express what grief truly feels like. This book is invaluable to anyone who is traveling the difficult path of unimaginable loss. I thank you, MJ, for guiding me over these difficult passages. You have a healing gift.”

Terry Kelly Griffin, Bereaved Mother, Author, Philadelphia, PA



"I read When Every Day Matters in one sitting. It was a powerful tale of a family coming together, supporting each other, helping to fight for the life of a beloved daughter, Katie.  Katie was so courageous, so determined to do something meaningful with her gifts and her charm; her purpose and personality are on full display.  She was wise beyond her years. 

Mary Jane Hurley Brant conveyed the medical journey in excruciating and infuriating detail with the arrogance of the first neurosurgeon and his lack of full disclosure about the tumor left behind.  I read with relief that Katie was under the care of subsequent neurosurgeons who had compassion, expertise and rapport with her.  Nevertheless, this is a story of anguish, followed by hope because of what seemed to be a remission, then the crushing reality that she was out of options.  I’m glad for Katie that she had such a strong faith that sustained her during this illness and clearly an anchor in the author’s life. 

Finally, the author brought Katie to life.  She gave me, the reader, the gift of knowing her remarkable daughter in her vibrant three dimensions and through this book, When Every Day Matters, her daughter's life will live on in everyone who reads it.  It has touched me deeply and for that I thank the Mary Jane."

Cynthia C. Tehan
Manager, Healthcare Provider Engagement/National Multiple Sclerosis Society